Winnie, 18, England
porn blogs please do not follow me thanks

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Her Minajesty

Nicki Minaj by Jeff Bark

Styled by Robbie Spencer

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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

The world is watching, White America.


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k-on is so cute omg.. so so cute


Ataui Deng & Ajak Deng at Mugler FW11

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i’m beautiful even if i can’t see it

i’m important even if i tell myself differently

i’m valuable even when i’m not valued

i’m capable of anything even when others tell me i’m not

i will achieve even with myself standing in my way



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How come your on tinder when you have a boyfriend

— Anonymous

because he doesn’t pay enough attention to me

I keep getting hit on by 14 year olds at this school england is so wild what’s up with the kids here

I love my little corner in the art class

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I love my little corner in the art class

'Sex' doesn't sell. Erosion of female self esteem does. The feeling of superiority over women does. Turning women into 'things' to be studied, scrutinized & judged and then calling it 'sex' does.

Sex doesn’t sell. Objectification does


—Sadiqa Thornton
Do you still like clouds? Bc there was a really pretty sunrise the other day and I thought you would like to see it ☺️☺️ I hope you're having a good day!!

— Anonymous

omg yeah I’d love to see it!!